Atria, is the heart and the home:

It is the warmth and the light.

Established as a Brand Incubator, Atria's team offers services to support luxury clients  and partners with Consulting, Creative, and Business Solutions across multiple sectors while serving the in-house growth of Atria Brands.

For us, Atria, is the heart and home of our businesses, passions, creative, and growth.

With great pleasure we extend that home and excellence to our clients and partners.

"It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It's also a very clear path to happiness."

- Sheryl Sandberg



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Georgiana offers 25 years experience in Advisement, Planning, and Branding.  Specifically in Development, Experiential and Traditional Marketing, Startups, Partnership and Sponsorships, and Corporate Strategy.

She has worked with top tier brands, in private equity, and as a consultant for startups and businesses, emerging or mature and needing re-positioning solutions.

Collaborative Creation, Passion, and Razor Focus are the convergence of success for Georgiana. She has worked in markets across the US and internationally.

"I truly love helping both companies and individuals realize their full potential."